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B.G.W. Money Coach Masters is a leader in the money coaching industry.

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Our mission is to help Canadians discover the true power of their money and to live a life of financial freedom.

To achieve this goal, we hand select and train passionate Money Coaches who align with our goals.

Together, we help people identify and debunk money-limiting beliefs that may exist in their lives, transform their relationship with money, and build the stable, secure and prosperous life  they deserve.

In addition to our unique Money Coach Training and Mentoring Programs, we provide Money Coaches with a cloud-based “Money Coaching Software Platform” so that they can deliver their coaching services to clients any time and any where, providing  continuous support and mentoring.

We empower individuals with a sincere desire to help people live financially independent lives. We provide an opportunity to create a lucrative and rewarding money coaching practice to achieve exceptional growth, without you having to face the high cost and time it takes to find a successful formula. We simply provide a turn-key business system.

If you are interested in a new, rewarding money coaching career, click here to enter  our Money Coach Academy for the comprehensive Money Coach Training and Certification Program.

If you are an established Money Coach, we invite you to explore:

  • Our Money Coach Master Program
  • Test drive our money coaching software for one full month — it’s free, with no-obligation to join.

If you are intrigued by the prospect of becoming a Certified Money Coach,   please request an interview, now!